Exposed Aggregate Finishes

Exposed aggregate finishes are becoming increasingly popular in contemporary design, merging both aesthetic appeal and functional advantages. At Blue Diamond General Contractors, Inc., we’ve mastered the art of delivering stunning exposed aggregate finishes tailored to your preferences and needs.

The Beauty & Functionality of Exposed Aggregate Finishes

Visual Benefits

1. Rich Textures & Natural Beauty
Exposed aggregate offers a natural, earthy appearance. By revealing the aggregates – be it pebbles, crushed shells, or even glass shards – the finish adds depth and rich texture to the surface.

2. Versatility in Design
The range of aggregates available means a plethora of design possibilities. Depending on the chosen aggregates, the resultant look can vary from rustic and traditional to sleek and modern.

3. Unique & Customizable
No two exposed aggregate finishes are the same. The naturally occurring variations in the aggregate ensure that each installation is unique.

Functional Benefits

1. Skid & Slip Resistance
The textured surface of exposed aggregate provides natural grip, making it a preferred choice for areas that are frequently wet, such as pool decks or patios.

2. Durability & Longevity
Concrete surfaces with exposed aggregate are not just visually pleasing but are also tough and long-lasting. The finish is resistant to extreme weather conditions, making it a practical choice for outdoor applications.

3. Low Maintenance
Exposed aggregate finishes are relatively easy to maintain. Regular cleaning combined with occasional sealing is typically all that’s required to keep them looking pristine for years.

4. Cost-Effective
While delivering an upscale appearance, exposed aggregate finishes are often more cost-effective compared to other decorative concrete options.

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